Stumbling Off the Path

How many times can you recall failure you’ve experienced in the past year? Even though we all have the goal to be a perfect, let’s be honest with each other. You can probably recall at least a few experiences. Failure, as we all know, is a vital part of the process. Sometimes I really dislike…

The Road Less Traveled

Mistakes. Errors. Wrong turns. Wrong answers. Wrong direction. These are a quick few ways to generalize some of our biggest fears. These generalizations might’ve even spurred a sense of anxiety upon your reading of them. These statements are a generalization of the most pertinent thoughts floating through my head as of the past few days….

In This Moment

Presence. It is the most powerful exercise that I have ever learned, used, and practiced. It is the one thing that I believe everyone in this world needs, and likely the one thing that I believe more people in this world should try. So often we get caught up in our lives being too active….

True Grit

Life wasn’t meant to be easy. It sucks to say it, but it can be even harder to accept it. No matter how high your peak may be, valleys will always be there. These valleys can range from high to low, intense to easy, depressing and life-changing. This variety and variability, however, can be more…

The Art of Fun

Is it weird to not always be living by your own advice? Does it make sense that you are not always in a spot in life in which you can follow that advice? Because the way I look at it is that sometimes you learn things that you can’t immediately apply. In my life’s current…

Sweet Balsamic Salmon

Ready in 30 minutes
Serves 1 people
332 calories
26g protein
36g carbohydrates
9g fat