About Us

Quik Fit is a product of struggle and failure. Over nearly the past decade, I have toggled and tweaked different areas of my life all in the pursuit of simply feeling better. And now, I have found the equation of overall great wellbeing. The equation is what will be discussed right here, in this blog, always giving you tips, tricks, and tools to upgrade your level of wellbeing.

This equation, however, was not easy to discover. Like I said, I struggled over the better part of a decade to uncover what was necessary to feel my best. During my sophomore year of high school, I got really into weightlifting after a horrendous breakup. Through bouts of self-loathing and suicidal thoughts, I was able to pull myself together and experience a better part of life. Because of this, fitness was made certain to be a constant variable in an equation for a great life.

My next major struggles came up in college. After a few years of my initial resistance training, I plateaued. Hard. It was no longer fun when I wasn’t making any progress. My friend soon introduced me to the reason I wasn’t progressing. I wasn’t giving focus to my nutrition. The discovery of the power of nutrition and controlling what I fueled my body with was revolutionary. This newfound power allowed me to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. What a beautiful thing!

The honeymoon phase didn’t last long. I was focusing on the wrong things. I tried eating as low-fat as possible, often times eating less than 1,000 calories per day. My hormones were shot, I relied on energy drinks and caffeine to stay energized, and I lacked any sense of confidence or satisfaction with the progress I made. Something needed to change.

This is when I started making the big changes. I started cutting out so many things. I started refocusing on only what was important, the essentials to living a life of greater wellbeing. I cut out excessive partying, I cut out unhealthy friendships, I gave up some campus organization executive positions, and I gave up the idea that I could work out every single day for hours. The truth of the matter was that I had a tight schedule, and I could no longer handle the unnecessary crap that was causing an overwhelming sense of discontent.

Once I trimmed the fat, I could finally start adding some positive things to my routine. I started eating whole foods. I started reading. I started working out harder but in less time. I started hanging out with people I could actually be myself around. I fell back in love with cooking, rock-climbing, jogging, hiking, traveling, making coffee, and volunteering. But most important of all, I fell back in love with life.

By observing what had gone wrong in my life and eliminating it, I was able to focus on the rest. I was able to see what really mattered. I remembered why I had gone on this fitness journey, which is something we can all relate to. All that matters is feeling better. All we want is to feel our best every single day. In order to feel our best, we have to improve our wellbeing. And in order to do that, we have to take care of the things that contribute most positively to that.

These essential things are what I discovered and have spent so long cultivating into a healthy, happy routine. Throughout my story there were patterns, and I was luckily able to recognize them. Nutrition played a key role in how I felt every day. After all, it is the fuel we provide our bodies. Physical fitness also was a major factor as it kept my body active, kept me feeling able and energized, and kept me social with the kinds of people I love to be around. Lastly, simply including the small things that bring joy to my day as often as possible has made all the difference. These small things are the last piece of the puzzle yet so vital.

Living a life of fulfillment is what we all strive for. Actualization is the ultimate goal. If we want to reach this, then we need to maintain a greater sense of wellbeing, which can be done given you have the right systems in place. For me, that system is Quik Fit. And if you want to live every day feeling your best, then Quik Fit is right for you too.