Peaks and Valleys

It is so late right now… Not really. But it’s been a long day, and 9PM seems late. Although I shouldn’t be complaining since it is literally my choice to either write this or go to bed, I simply needed to empty my thoughts.

As you can see, the title is ‘Peaks and Valleys.’ The things I am alluding to with this title are the various slopes, gorges, and general flux that we experience in life. Sometimes we rise on top of a peak, seeing the beauty of our surroundings, smelling the roses, and feeling the wind of a gorgeous world. On the other hand, we sometimes fall into a peak, surrounded by darkness, feeling the pain of doubt, struggling to maintain balance, and fearing we will never find another peak.

A huge lesson that I learned this week was that the experience of both are necessary. Peaks are necessary. Valleys are necessary. Just like the relationship between yin and yang. You cannot have one without the other, nor do you want one alone. Having both is having a complete experience.

This realization was profound. Necessity. Knowing that my pains are necessary was liberating. Recently (and probably my entire life), I struggled with the idea of having so many issues. I constantly tried and still try to look at my inventory of issues and try to solve them all. The issues with that is that my perspective was all wrong. About one year ago, someone told me a quote, and I apologize for not being able to give credit to them or the original person who stated it.

“The problem is not your problem. The problem is the way you think about the problem.”

A corollary to this can be summarized in the title of a book I was just introduced to on The Tim Ferriss Show podcast: The Obstacle is the Way.

I kept telling myself that I needed to be normal, and that being normal meant that I had no issues. All the while I had it completely backwards. I was meant to have these issues. It was necessary to have these problems. It was appropriate to fall from my peaks to explore the dark valleys. It was a required part of the journey.

And I know that this applies to you too. Don’t let your ego get to you, and don’t let society fool you. You are not meant to be perfect. Nobody is perfect, nor can you be. We are flawed. We are human. You are allowed to have problems. You are allowed to veer from the path. You are allowed to experience darkness. Do not be discouraged.

The only important thing is to be aware of it, and know, that you will find your way back. Do the work that is necessary while you are in the valleys so that you can spend more time on the peaks. It is the path that we are meant to take, so know that there is a reason why you are where you are.

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