True Grit

Life wasn’t meant to be easy. It sucks to say it, but it can be even harder to accept it. No matter how high your peak may be, valleys will always be there. These valleys can range from high to low, intense to easy, depressing and life-changing. This variety and variability, however, can be more controlled than you think.

Although the existence of valleys is uncontrollable, the aspects of them are somewhat malleable and determined by you. As I’ve said before, perspective is a very important skill to master in terms of determining your focus and quality of life. But perspective alone is only part of the equation.

Awareness is another key in managing the valleys we all stumble across. By becoming aware, we can alter the valleys to be shortened in length as well as lowered in intensity.

We need to be able to first notice the situation we are in as being a valley. Once we notice this, we need to become aware of our response to it. With this awareness comes our ability to change, which is the change of our perspective. In order to change our perspective, we need to ask ourselves the most important questions to face these challenges in life, such as:

“How would this look if it were easy?”

“What is the best way to respond?”

“What is the quickest way I can end this positively?”

“What can I learn from this situation and how?”

By forcing ourselves to ask these questions, our mind will automatically come up with the best, most fitting answers. By then knowing the answers to the questions that we asked that will help us shorten and dull the valley that we are experiencing, we will essentially know exactly how to respond moving forward. Just knowing and gaining some certainty in the situation alone will bring hope and light to the situation.

It can be easy to ask ourselves questions like “Why is this happening to me?” or “Why are they treating me like this?” But it is important to change these questions to become more productive towards the situation. We shouldn’t ask ourselves questions that will essentially keep us inside a vicious circle of sadness. We need to empower ourselves with questions built to create hope in seemingly hopeless situations.

Even more so, we need to understand that peaks and valleys will always exist simultaneously. One will always be next to the other. Our lives will never be perfect, they will never be in balance, but the ultimate goal is not to achieve balance, but to simply and consistently redirect ourselves towards it.

Perseverance and grit are important attributes to maintain if we want to continually move towards a life of balance. With balance comes happiness, and with happiness comes a beautiful life. By asking ourselves productive questions, we develop our true sense of grit and can optimize our efforts to move through valleys as quickly as possible and stay up on those peaks for longer than ever. Remember, life isn’t meant to be easy, but it can be easier.

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