The Art of Fun

Is it weird to not always be living by your own advice? Does it make sense that you are not always in a spot in life in which you can follow that advice? Because the way I look at it is that sometimes you learn things that you can’t immediately apply. In my life’s current situation, that is the case.

The most recent lesson that I have learned is that fun is an art. It is a creative outlet that is so beneficial to our quality of life. But having fun in itself forces you to be creative, if you are bad at it like me anyway. Nonetheless, having fun levels us up in terms of our overall ability to be creative.

You might be wondering what I mean by fun forcing us to be creative and how I’m bad at it. I’ll dive into the latter first…

Me and many others I imagine just don’t know what it means to have fun anymore. I have been working near full-time hours (now over full-time hours) while studying engineering at a very competitive private school while working to maintain multiple leadership positions on my college’s campus. No this is not me bragging about how busy I was, but this is me setting the stage for the issue that I believe a lot of young, ambitious, goal-oriented, type-A professional type individuals like myself possess.

We sometimes can get so lost in our future projections and present work that we forget to take a break and play for fun. Because of how dedicated we are to creating the lives we’ve always dreamed of, working those extra few hours to make that extra few hundred dollars to buy that new phone, vehicle upgrade, or VIP access at the club makes us get lost. We get lost on our journey to creating a beautiful life and working towards that goal that we forget what it means to enjoy the present.

Without having fun on a somewhat regular basis, you will never create the beautiful life you crave. If you work your ass off for over a decade and finally make enough money or find enough freedom to complete some of those goals you’ve dedicated yourself to for so long, the last thing you want is to look back on your time and regret how you spent it. That is why it is vitally important to take time, now, to waste a moment, in the words of Kings of Leon.

Obviously this isn’t something easy to do (again, if you’re like me). You can’t just magically get up from your desk, walk across the street, do some cheap yet extravagant event each week that creates bounds of endless joy to enrich your life with passion and energy to give you unlimited fuel to allow you to shift into overdrive and help you accomplish your goals in half the time. As beautifully simple as that would be, it isn’t.

You need to focus just as much as you do on your work as you do on fun. One cannot exist without the other. It is just like working out and taking time to rest your body, only this is for your mind because your mind has a ‘gas tank’ just like your body does.

This ‘gas tank’ metaphor is very important to hold onto. It gives you a very easy understanding into your mind by using it to observe how you use your time. If you are working, then you are using gas. If you are having fun, you are filling up your tank! Simple to understand. Easy to use. Utterly necessary to actively balance.

If you are feeling weary from working too much and your productivity is lacking, then you probably are running on fumes. Take this awareness as a reason to slow down and go have fun. Go out on a hike. Splurge at the mall. Buy some of those items off of your Amazon Wish-List. Take an extended weekend to go to a spa with your significant other. Or if it’s serious, go on a road trip with some old friends to explore some new places. Regardless of your situation, you NEED to take advantage of fun to help fuel your work.

Yet, fun is an art. Art meaning that it isn’t always natural or easy, but can be learned through practice. It can be honed as a skill by delving into different things and observing what works and what doesn’t.

Learn the art of fun by exploring nearby attractions, various activities, new foods, or just spending more time doing what you already know you love to do. The most important thing to walk away from reading this is the knowledge that fun is an imperative part of life. Do not suffer more than you need to for years working to achieve your goals. Do not spend your time in a manner in which you will look back and regret. Use fun strategically to challenge yourself, learn something new, sharpen an already possessed skill, meet new people, and fill up your mental ‘gas tank’ to then use towards the journey to your dreams.

Please, for the sake of everyone in your life and take the advice that I am just now learning. Take action to follow the advice that I am just recently beginning to listen to. If you have any advice to give me or others to push us over the edge to finally go have fun, please leave a comment below. Nonetheless, get out there and follow that unbelievably cliche and overused mantra of: live, laugh, love. Your life will be more fulfilled if you do.

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