The Question is “When?”

The best question no longer deems any starting word other than ‘when’. What I mean by this is that we all know the answer to the typical words: why, what, and how. The reason that we know the answer to all of these questions is because of mass media. We have so many sources of information that it is practically impossible, in a first world civilization anyways, to be uninformed. Mass media has so many different avenues of communication, that they are bound to reach us with what we need to know, or with what they think we should know, and because of this, we’ve thus answered all the why’s, what’s, and how’s. But the question now remains, “when?”

If we have all of these issues in our lives, like our health and fitness, then we obviously need to solve them, right? Isn’t solving whatever issue we arrive at what life is all about? So, once we finally come into the problem, we need to start defining it and coming up with the perfect solution to attack it with. Once we do this, by asking the questions that I’ve mentioned previously, we can then overcome the issue and move on in our lives to live a little better.

Once again, let’s quantitatively analyze this thing. If…

z = our best life

y = problems

x = solutions

In order to live our best life, then ‘z’ needs to be a positive value, right? So in order to do that, we need to analyze this equation to create a positive ‘z’ value…

x – y = z


x > y   if we want   z = positive value

This is a great start to solving our problems and living our best lives! From here, we must ask ourselves the appropriate questions to create the best solution by maximizing its value and thus maximizing the positivity of our best lives. So…

x = solutions = why + what + how + when

As I said earlier, we can cross off the pieces of this equation that we already know (thanks to mass media and the internet) like the why, what, and how. All that’s left now is defining when. Me and the rest of media have already given you every tool we can. It’s up to you to implement it.

Let’s go ahead and build on the problem I mentioned earlier, our health. If we are having an issue with our health, we already know (most of the time) a lot about what is wrong with it. We know that we should be healthy so that we can have more time on earth, be more energetic in our lives, and just feel better and happier (why we should be healthy). We know that we need to start eating better foods, less food in general, and working out in order to be healthy (what to do to be healthier). And we know that we can find out the foods to eat, how much of them, and what kinds of workouts to do in order to become healthier (how to be healthier). As I said before, we know this all because of the mounds of information given to us at our fingertips. However, the question remains, “when should we start being healthy?”

I can’t answer this question for you. Nobody can. We can try, sure. But we can never truly force you to do anything. Nobody but you can decide when to start doing something. Even our parents, who spent years raising us, caring for us, and wanting us to live our best lives, can’t decide when we should start doing something. Although, this is such an empowering realization and most of us don’t even realize it. We can usually rely on others to help us coast through life without taking full responsibility on certain things, but when it comes to those special decisions like choosing to be become healthier, it is all up to us. YOU can choose to start on New Year’s Day. YOU can choose to start once your vacation ends. YOU can choose to start it right freaking now if you really wanted to!

We have all the tools we need to live our best lives. We know the why, what, and how to nearly everything in our lives because of media. If we don’t we can find it. And after all of that, the rest of it is up to us. The 25% left of the equation to create the best solution to give us the biggest positive value in our lives is all up to us. We can ask ourselves when and answer it with whatever we want. So why not ask this question to yourself? And why not answer it with “now”?!

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