Desire: Why Wait?

Why do we put off what we want for tomorrow? I’ve never understood the point. What I have understood is the power of excuses. They burrow their roots deep into our conscious mind and are extremely hard to remove. They’re always there to give us the one reason we need to not do something. Maybe it’s too hard. Maybe you had a long day. Maybe you feel uncertain about what you’ll find out. Maybe you feel uncomfortable putting yourself in that position. Maybe you’re afraid of the rejection. Well maybe you don’t really want it!

The excuse doesn’t matter. What matters is the power of that excuse. It could be as small as a bump in the road, or it could be as powerful as a concrete slab reinforced by rebar grids. It was built purely for the purpose to keep you from getting to the other side. No matter the excuse, no matter its strength, no matter the quantity, you need to find a way through it.

Let’s create a random example, because I love examples and metaphors are awesome. How about we talk about something as simple as hunger. We’ve all experienced it so we can all relate here. If you are hungry but have no food at your house that sounds interesting, what do you do? You face the decision of either settling for something mediocre (that will not be satisfying), or you choose to get off the couch and drive to the grocery store to buy fresh ingredients for that Pinterest (or Quik Fit) recipe you’ve been drooling over for an hour now. The excuses you face include, but are not limited to: moving is hard, the grocery store is too far away, you might hit traffic, or you don’t NEED it that bad. These excuses range from easy to hard in terms of what you can overcome. Moving is hard? Easy to overcome by just doing it. You might hit traffic? This one might be warranted, but it might also just be in your head. Although, the decision you now face is the severity of each: your excuses and your desire. You need to ask yourself, “How bad do I want this?”

No, seriously. Ask yourself, “How bad do I want this?” The principle of this example is the same for every choice you face. The depth of your desires versus the intensity of your excuses. If you really want something it would be a no brainer. You’d get off your ass and go buy the 4 ingredients you needed to make a decadent dinner, because you don’t settle for the standard. You desire the exceptional. You want the remarkable. You NEED the best. What you also need is to remember this fact. Pushing past excuses is done by making the choice to. You need to apply so much value to your necessity of excellence so that you can outweigh the pettiness of your excuses. That way, we can look at it quantitatively:

Desire > Excuse(s)

With this in mind, we can assume:

Desire – Excuse = Enjoyment


Enjoyment = Experience of Excellence

If you want to enjoy your life to the fullest, like you and everyone else tells themselves to do every day, then you need to break down that concrete wall reinforced with the ‘excuse’ rebars by taking your ‘desire’ sledgehammer and whacking it in it’s weak foundation! You have the strength of your enormous sledgehammer that contains the power of your desires and the leverage of your willpower to take down any wall reinforced by any excuse your mind can think of. You may not know it yet, but you will through practice.

Now you simply need to go try it. Conquer your excuses. Maybe you can do so by following my example? Go out and buy those 4 ingredients at the grocery store and use them to make that Quik Fit recipe you’ve wanted to try all week. You will be so happy you did, and you’ll be even happier that you’ve experienced how easy (and fulfilling) it is to triumph over your excuses. Don’t wait to get what you want, have the desire to change and get what you want NOW.

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