Willpower & The Path of Least Resistance

Willpower is a useful resource. It allows us to push ourselves the extra mile, to help us finish those last few workouts, to finish according to our deadlines despite the odds. Willpower keeps us productive at the brunt of obstacles and adversity, but that doesn’t mean that we can use it for every hurdle we run into…

So let’s say, for example, that you wake up one day to start your morning routine. You turn on the light, open the blinds, feel the burn of the sun as it’s first rays hit your waking eyes. You slowly finish getting ready now realizing that you were in a subconscious rush and you’re running late! You get to work, overtired from low quality sleep, only to drudge through your day and go home tired. You feel drained so you allow every excuse to arise as a reason to make the easy choices. You order delivery for dinner again, skip your second workout this week, and watch the same Netflix show you’ve seen three times now to unwind. This is how your weekdays go except that your weekend’s don’t look much different either.

Do you realize how typical this is? Do you know how many people spend their lives following this same pattern. From what I’ve seen (and yes, I know I’m still young), most people wake up every day choosing to make the easy decision, listen to their excuses, and put off what they want for tomorrow. Well guess what… tomorrow never comes. Your excuses will always be there. It is solely up to you to make the decision to do what you want when you want to to get what you want. However, willpower isn’t always easy to use.

Let’s just say that we have a fuel tank of willpower, assuming that the tank is of limited quantity. As we wake up, we spend willpower to avoid snoozing and sleeping in. We use it to get out of the shower on time, start work as soon as we clock in, end our lunch breaks early, and push through the afternoon hours with enough quality of work to make us feel productive about our days, leading us to get home with our willpower tank nearly on ’empty’. THIS is why we have a hard time making the hard decisions. We spend our days using our willpower at every turn, and next thing we know, we’re all out! What we need to focus on is not trying to increase the size of our willpower tank (as this is very hard to do), but to make the hard decisions which cost us most of our willpower to cost us less willpower in the first place!

By facing the reality of our lives and accepting our willpower limitations, we can move forward with the awareness of our tendency to make easy decisions. This awareness, however, can lead us to great success because we can find the path of least resistance that still leads us to our goals.

First, we need to focus on what our goals are. Do you want to increase your fitness? How about you set your goal to lose 15 lbs before summer. Now, we need to know what it takes to get there. We know that weight depends on energy expenditure in terms of calories, so we need to be in a calorie deficit if we want to lose the 15 lbs. So, we can either eat less or become more active. For the sake of this example, let’s say that we will eat less. Since we now know what we want and what it takes to get there, we need to ask ourselves how we will do it. We can either rely on our willpower to help us make the difficult choice of not ordering delivery, or we can find the path of least resistance to help us achieve that goal of losing 15 lbs allowing us to save our limited willpower for other things on our priority lists like work, kids, relationships, etc.

This is where Quik Fit comes in. We know how hard it is to go through life relying on willpower to help you achieve the necessary fitness goals you’ve set that are important for your health. And with that said, we’ve come up with the solution you need, the path of least resistance that will get you to your goals. Help us help you move past the excuses that your drained willpower tank cannot overcome like the allure of delicious food, the lack of time, and subpar cooking skills that all but keep you from maintaining your physical fitness. Use our recipes and ideas to gain back control of your nutrition and keep your willpower to dedicate towards your other necessities and passions. Quik Fit’s flavor-packed recipes provide you the compass you need to stay on the path of least resistance leading you to an easier, better, and healthier life. Have an easier time saying ‘no’ to your excuses and ‘yes’ to a fitter lifestyle today, not tomorrow, with Quik Fit.

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