Time: A Priceless Commodity

Time is probably my favorite thing in the world. The idea of it is fascinating and the fact that humanity has yet to grasp and control it is even cooler! Nonetheless, time is the one resource that we all use yet never get more of. This causes a multitude of issues, the main one being that we must choose carefully what we spend our time on. The thought of having to plan, schedule, and prioritize our days, weeks, months, years, and so on is kind of scary. By this I mean that if we wish to accomplish what we want to accomplish in our lifetime, we need to find the time to do it all. Actually… no. We need to make the time.

Let’s break this down quantitatively. We know that we all only have 24 hours a day. The normal sleeping period of a person is around 7 hours, so now we only have 17 hours left in a day. Assuming that the average person works full-time, or 8 hours a day, now we only have 9 hours left. We probably spend 1 hour a day traveling in between home, work, and running errands. There are only 8 hours left now! Don’t we need to maintain some level of hygiene? (I hope you said yes…) I’d say we can safely assume that we spend a cumulative 1 hour cleaning ourselves. BOOM! 7 hours left. Only 7 hours left in our day to spend with our friends, family, doing chores, running errands, working out, relaxing, reading, and oh yea… eating!

7 hours can be gobbled up before you know it. How in the hell are we supposed to spend the remaining 7 flexible hours of our day getting everything done we want or need done to? As I said earlier, we need to make the time to do what we want or need. But making time doesn’t have to be hard…

We can become more efficient with our time. By minimizing the amount of time it takes to do what we love, we can do more things that we love! What I mean by this is that we don’t need to spend all 7 of those flexible hours working out if we want to be fit. We don’t have to spend all 7 of those hours doing any ONE thing to be productive at whatever is we want to do. What we need to do is find the minimal amount of time it takes to create the maximum amount of results that we want out of whatever activity it is we are performing. Stop making mountains out of molehills and find the most efficient solution to help you get to your goals!

We may not be able to take back our time, reverse its flow, or slow it down, but we can use it wisely by becoming more efficient in how we use it. If you want to make the most of your life, find out how to spend less time to produce the same amount of results. And with this in mind, Quik Fit can help you do just that with your nutrition. Use our recipes that require minimal time, minimal skill, and a minimal amount of ingredients to produce maximum deliciousness, fitness, and overall health.

Take advantage of the time you’ve been given by spending it on everything you want without sacrificing or settling for anything you don’t. Choose to become more efficient NOW.


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